Why is my Patio Turning Green? The Best Tips to Get it Clean in a Flash 

jetwashing patio

 Through winter and after rain you may notice your patio starting to turn an unsightly green colour, these are algae and lichens that grow in humid and dark conditions. Thankfully, it’s easily removed and can be prevented with a little care. 

Whilst it tends to be more noticeable on your patio, this green algae does grow on driveways, garden furniture, conservatories and even artificial grass. Thankfully it doesn’t stain or damage these items, but it can make the surface slippery and looks pretty drab too. 

There are several ways to remove the green from your patio and have your stones looking fresh and new once again. 

Why is my patio turning green? 

The green on the patio is algae and lichens which grow in humid and damp places. Lack of sunlight also makes it a breeding ground for mould, moss and algae. This is why you’ll find that after winter your patio will likely be more green than the rest of the year. 

Thankfully it won’t damage your patio, but this green algae can be very slippery, causing a big hazard in your outdoor area. 

How do I stop my patio from turning green? 

Whilst it’s almost impossible to prevent the growth of this green substance in your garden areas, thanks to the varied climate we have in the UK, there are some simple steps you can take that will help lessen the build-up. Here’s how you can stop your patio from going green: 

Proper drainage: When you’re having your patio installed you’ll want it built with a slant to ensure correct and proper drainage with adequate drains for the water to run away. 

Clean regularly: Spend time regularly cleaning the area, whether it’s a patio, driveway or conservatory, to help prevent build-up. You can buy specialist green stain removers which help to delay the regrowth of the green stuff. 

How to clean green algae from the patio 

There are multiple ways to get rid of the green algae, moss, mould and lichens from your patio, here are our ideas to get your patio gleaming and ready to enjoy, safely once again. 

Use a pressure washer 

The quickest way to remove the green stuff from your garden patio is with a pressure washer. You just need to ensure that you’re following the guidelines for use and angling it in a way that won’t damage your patio’s surface or remove the pointing from your patio. Ensure that you use the pressure washer in a controlled way too, as you may end up spreading the algae growth to other parts of the garden. 

Use a bleach and water solution 

You’ll need to be careful using this solution as it can harm other plants, grass and even wildlife in the area. It’s also vital that you test this solution on a small unseen area of your patio, as you don’t want it to react with the stone you have. With this being said, it is a quick and easy way to remove the green algae from your patio. Just exercise caution when using this. 

Use white vinegar 

Another more gentle cleaning solution is white vinegar and water. Dilute the white vinegar with two parts water and one part vinegar and spray it on the surface area that is affected. Again, it’s important to test this out before use in a large area, as the vinegar may react with the surface and damage it. 

Specialist solution

There are multiple specialist solutions on the market that you can purchase to help remove the green algae and help reduce it coming back too. Shop around and read reviews to ensure that you’re getting the best product for your needs. Always make sure it’s safe to use on your particular patio and test a small area before you use it across the whole space. 

Bring in the experts 

If you want a quick and professional job when it comes to cleaning your green patio, then get in touch with us today and we’ll get you booked in for a patio clean that’s carried out in a timely manner.