3 Summer Landscaping Hacks We Love

We’ve been seeing a glut of summer landscaping hack articles and ideas and floating around the internet in the last month. Considering how time crunched and cash poor we all are, we thought we would re-share with you the hacks we’ve come across and adore. So without further ado, here’s the tips we’ve fallen in love with…

Hack One – Use Pine Cones as Flower Bedding

Tip one is so simple, so effective and so pragmatic it makes it to the top of our list no question. We wish we had thought of it! Using pine cones for flower bedding not only looks pleasing on the eye, but it has the practical effect of keeping your cat and dog from trampling through the plant bed, or doing their own plant watering!


Hack Two – Use Metal Garden Edging to Create Mini Displays

In Second place we have this neat little number, piping or cylindrical garden edging never goes out of fashion, which means you can walk into any garden in Britain and come across it. So why not make yours stand out from the crowd? By creating each pipe into it’s own display, you can add more variety and order into your garden. Obviously you’ll need metal piping instead of wooden garden edging, but the pay off is worth it our eyes. Definitely one hack we hope to convince our clients about when we’re landscaping Liverpool!


Hack Three – Use Ice Cream Cones For Seeds

Last but not least, we have this inventive and what is sure to be space saving idea. When planting your seeds, instead of using a plant pot, why not use an ice cream cone! As we already stated, a cone over a plant pot is going to save so much space, not to mention the cone is biodegradable so you can cut out the need for replanting when the time comes. A suitable substitute would be toilet paper tubes and an egg box for the bottom, if you eat too much ice cream and aren’t willing to sacrifice cones!

These hacks are just the tip of the iceberg, there are hundreds being published on the internet at the moment, we’ve just picked the three we enjoy the most and relate to plants and planting. We’ll be keeping our eye out for future ingenious hacks in the future!