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Here at J&L Landscapes, we are specialists when it
comes to laying Paving and Patios in Liverpool including the professional installation of bespoke cut Slabs, Stones, Bricks, Asphalt and Block paving. We also provide advice and guidance on potential issues faced for example un-even land, unusual land layout or planning restrictions so that you can get a clear idea of exactly what is needed for your Paving project.

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We have been installing quality paving projects across Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire and the North West for over 10 years and work hard to maintain our excellent reputation in the industry. This is why we always look to include the customer in every aspect of the design, material selection, implementation and finishing stages of their projects as this way, we can guarantee that our customers will be happy with the end-product and that it will be finished to their exact specifications.

Quality Paving and Patio Services in Liverpool

As professional paving and patio laying specialists, we have completed many projects ranging from bespoke driveways and Landscaping Features, to more complex Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways, Bespoke Slab Cutting and Asphalt Laying, so no matter what Paving requirements you need, we can guarantee that we will be able to cater for your every need and provide you with a professional and high-quality finished end product.

You can browse some of the completed projects from our extensive paving and patio portfolio below. Each project we complete, we try to provide as many pictures as possible showing the stages and finish of every stage of the project. We also try to provide a breakdown of the tasks we had to complete, the different materials used at various stages, the obstacles we had to overcome and the feedback and testimonials from the customer once the project was completed.

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We Specialise in Block Paving

If you are looking for Block Paving in Liverpool then you have come to the right page.

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We offer many different styles of Block Paving to further complement existing features or new landscaping requirements such as Fencing, Turfing, Decking and Patios.

Coloured Block Paving

With a variety of colour schemes and sizes, block paving is often considered to be one of the most attractive and adaptable forms of surfacing a driveway. The blocks are not cut from natural stone, but manufactured exactly to meet your needs, meaning that not only is it a less environmentally damaging way to surface a garden, but it is also easily tailored to any design, pattern or plan.Coloured Block Paving

Block paving is also among the most cost-efficient forms of paving that you can purchase, as the materials and installation style are relatively straightforward, meaning you can have a stylish and efficient driveway installed at a reasonable price. This is especially the case if you consider the longevity of block-paved features, as block paving is a very sturdy construction that can last for quite a long period of time.

To view a selection of our extensive portfolio, please scroll below.

J&L Landscapes Block Paving Experience

J&L Landscapes have been providing high-quality block paving in Liverpool and its surrounding areas for the last ten years. In that time, we have completed countless landscaping projects, building up a huge wealth of experience that we draw on today to provide the best possible service to our customers. We are proud of every finished project, and never allow a project to be simply “good enough.” J&L Landscapes strives for excellence, and to create projects we can all be proud of even years from now.

We also employ only our own highly experienced, skilled tradesmen and trusted contractors to carry out work on our projects, to maintain the reputation for professionalism, trustworthiness and quality that our customers have come to expect from us.

J&L Landscapes take a lot of pride in the work that we do, and will always endeavour to make sure your paving is top quality before finishing a job. Our goal is to create a final project which you will love for years to come, and which we can be proud of.

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  • New Patio & Gazebo Job

    On this project we fitted a a wooden gazebo and a new patio with a country cobbled edging stone to finish of the patio and create an edging around the new lawn.

  • Maintenance free garden patio area

    Our customer wanted a maintenance free garden so we came up with a design using a raised patio area and rear seating area with stepping stones and a blue slate chippings to create the maintenance free garden desired.  

  • New Patio & Retaining Wall Job

    This job consisted of building a new retaining wall from reclaimed brick and then installing a new patio.

  • Natural Sandstone Patio

    Another new patio laid by j&l Landscaping using a natural sandstone and slate coloured edging stone.

  • Excavation & Resurfacing Job

    We did a lot of excavation on this job after which we put down a membrane and put in railway sleepers as a retainer for the new raised patio. We then laid a new lawn with a golden gravel edge and planted and fitted new arched fence panels.

  • Patio & lawn job

    On this project we transformed this garden to create a nice family garden fitting a new patio, lawn and decking area.

  • Full Garden makeover including Patio

    We crested another full garden makeover here using a natural sandstone to create a new patio and matched it in to create a retaining wall and steps leading to the new lawn.

  • New patio installation

    A new patio installation job which used a natural stone look along with a new lawn and raised planter.

  • Total Garden Makeover

    This was a total garden makeover which included the installation of a new ice granite patio using a black granite to create a retaining wall fascia as well as installing new steps and a new lawn to complement the patio.

  • Ice granite patio and new lawn

    This project was completed in 4 days. We laid an ice granite patio and fitted a water feature in the far corner and then laid a new lawn. The customer was very happy with the results.

  • Patio laid in maghull

    On this project we removed an old patio and laid a new 100 meter patio in just 5 days using a sandstone.

  • Sandstone patio and turfing

    We laid a new sandstone patio on this job we then re turfed the garden to complement the newly laid patio.

  • Full back garden makeover broadgreen

    On this project we had to remove raised walls and a lawn as the customer wanted a more functional garden on one level. We put in raised flower beds and a lovely sandstone patio trimmed in a cobble edging and to finish it of a nice new lawn. The customer was really happy with the […]

  • Paved front driveway

    For this driveway we used a 2×2 grey riven paving with a charcoal block paved edgings. We started by excavating the area then laying a suitable sub base then laid all the paving on a full cement bed to assure they do not move. As you can see from the images below a nice paved […]

  • Front garden makeover

      On this project we excavated the front garden laid a nice rumbled cobble tegula paving. Also then laid a decorative slate with a membrane to cover the rest of the front garden to make the area a maintenance free area. The results looked fantastic.

  • Paving and fencing croxteth liverpool

    On this job we had to remove the old damaged fence  and excavate the area ready to flag. we then put up a fence, which was 7ft, all around the garden using concrete posts and panels with a good quality fence panel then we flagged the garden  using 2×2 riven paving and put in some […]

  • Natural Sandstone Paving & Patio Project

    On this job we had to start by excavating the garden. After this we then built up the garden with hardcore as it had quite a big slope towards the rear.

  • Paved Patio and Double Back Gate Project

    For this patio project, we used harvest coloured natural sandstone paving to give the customer the patio they were looking for.

  • Excavation & Patio Installation

    On this patio we excavated the old patio and laid a new one.

  • Patio with Wheelchair Access Ramp Project

    We were really pleased to work on this project as it allowed us to transform what was a problematic garden for the owner.

  • Liverpool Natural Sandstone Paving Project

    For this Paving project, first we had to excavate all the original flagging which was looking tired.

  • Paving and Turfing Project

    This project invloved a lot of excavation, re-modelling and landscaping work.

  • Paving and Full Garden Transformation Project

    For this project we excavated the ground with a mini digger and leveled the garden.

  • Liverpool driveway Block paving restoration

    Here we had to lift part of a block paved driveway that was sunk and had to level it back up. After this we cleaned it using our industrial pressure washers and then sealed it to help protect the block paving from weeds and unwanted moss.As you can see what a great result was achieved […]

  • Natural Sandstone Paving & New Water Feature

    For this project, the customer asked us to get very creative and provide ideas on how they could totally transform their back garden.

  • Complete Garden Landscaping and Makeover Project

    For this project, we had to complete a lot of excavating to remove all the excess weeds and shrubs.

  • Front Wall & Paving Project

    For this project we were required to completely overhaul a front yard.

  • Landscaping, Wall and Patio Project

    For this project, there was quite a lot of excavating which was completed on the first day.

  • Complete Landscaping Makeover Project

    For this project, we completey excavated the ground and re-leveled it ready for new paving and turf.

  • Full Landscaping and Paving Project

    For this project, we started by excavating the current tuef and re-leveling the garden.

  • Complete Garden Transformation Project

    This was one of of our most challenging projects simply because the original state of the garden was in such poor condition. First of all we had to completely excavate the whole garden, removing old turf, shrubbery and paving stones and then completely level the garden. Once we had completed the excavation work, we then […]

  • Complete Landscaping and Garden Overhaul Project

    For this project, the garden needed a complete overhaul ready for new turfing and a patio.

  • Complete Garden & Paving Makeover Project

    This was another complete garden makeover project which we thoroughly enjoyed working on.

  • Full Landscaping and Patio Design Project

    For this project, we had to completely overhaul the garden as requested by the customer.

  • New Patio & Paving Project

    For this project, the customer wanted a unique design that included a ‘lower level’ which could be used for a BBQ or other party requirements.

  • Landscaping project Old Swan

    On this Liverpool landscaping  job we had to landscape a front garden. We had to build steps as u can see in the pictures. Also pave the rest of the job leaving a border around the flags with golden gravel. This job took place in old swan and looked very nice with a good quality […]

  • Landscaping project in Kirkby

    This Liverpool landscaping job took place in kirkby here we showed  how nice u can have a garden for a very reasonable  price. We paved the garden in 2×2 riven buff paving with nice curves trimmed in red block paving to give it a nicer look. Her we planted conifers in the rear border to […]

  • Imprinted concrete path and step in Walton

    Here we have a nice example of a printed concrete path using a London cobble design in a buff  colour with a dark brown release. This sort of path will out last block paving and flagging  this is the best maintenance free product around. We seal this job afterwards to give it a nice shine […]

  • Liverpool landscaping and paving job in Gatacre

    This Liverpool landscaping project took place in gatacre . We had to remove 32 ton of soil and rubbish as the ground was not solid enough to place hardcore on in which we had to do all the excavating by hand. Then we had to put in 15 ton of hardcore to rebuild up to […]

  • Paving and wall in Halewood

    This paving project consisted of a garden wall with numerous pillars with nice pillar caps and copings for the top of  the wall. we also paved the front with the customers choice of flags we managed to start and finish this job in just 4 days. We later returned to put up a fence in […]

  • Paving & Turfing Overhaul Project

    For this project, the original garden was in pretty good condition, however, the customer wanted a total re-design to freshen it up. First of all, we completely excavated the original turf but because the garden was in good condition, we only had to install a membrane to stop pesky weeds from coming through. Once the […]