Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Here at J&L Landscapes we have an impressive portfolio of pattern imprinted concrete (also known as stamped concrete) jobs from in and around the Liverpool area including, Warrington, Wirral and Southport.

As contracted landscapers and imprinted concrete specialists we have completed many pattern imprinted concrete jobs varying in size, style and finish. We offer our pattern imprinted concrete services for Driveways, Pathways, Landscaping and General Features.

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Our professional landscaping service ensures your requirements are met and exceeded. J & L Landscapes harness the quality of their work to help complement existing or new landscape services such as wall erecting, turfing, and patios.

Check out our extensive pattern imprinted concrete portfolio below complimented with pictures of each individual pattern imprinted concrete project.

  • Printed Concrete at Netherton Sports Centre

    This was a printed concrete job which we completed for Netherthon Sports Centre. We installed printed concrete pathways and seating areas.

  • Ashlar slate printed concrete driveway

    This driveway was laid using printed concrete. We used a tudor brown colour with a chocolate release to give this driveway a unique look.

  • Full Garden Landscaping Makeover

    Here we have one of our most recent projects for a total garden landscaping make over. You can see the images paint the picture from start to finish. The job took a lot of hard work but we are very proud of the final result.

  • Driveway Installed in Croxteth

    A great example of one of our driveway installations in Croxteth.

  • Printed concrete driveway and front wall

    On this driveway we excavated down 8 inches and put in 4 inches of hardcore and then built a wall using a nice brick chosen by the customer.

  • Imprinted concrete Liverpool

    We completed this Liverpool driveway using imprinted concrete and a terracotta colour. We also put in a step and then sealed it we use this product on a lot of  Liverpool driveways because it is a strong and durable material.

  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Project

    For this project, we installed a pattern imprinted concrete driveway in Huyton, Liverpool.

  • Printed concrete driveway in Huyton

    We excavated this front driveway and garden then we put in hardcore for a foundation.We also put in a step the design e used was herringbone slate in a platinum and charcoal colour.Also we put in a concrete circle with blue slate around it as you can see we tinted the step so the outer […]

  • Printed concrete patio in Croxteth Liverpool

    Here J&L Landscapes laid a printed concrete patio in croxteth Liverpool. We excavated 6inches using 3 inches of hardcore then 3 inches of concrete.The pattern we used here was herringbone slate and for the colour we used was sandstone with a dark brown release and sealed it with a gloss sealer to give you this […]

  • Printed concrete job in Southport

    We printed this 140 meter driveway in Southport we used a buff with a dark brown release to give this job a nice unique look.The design we used was ashlar slate and then used a matt sealer to finish this job. Here was another job completed  by J&L Landscapes Liverpool.

  • Pattern concrete job Walton

    We here laid a concrete driveway using a herringbone slate design and a platinum and charcoal colour. We excavated 8 inches using 4 inches of hardcore and 4 inches of concrete. We also put in a double step using key kerbs also we put in flower beds to break things up as you can see […]

  • Printed concrete driveway Allerton, Liverpool

    Here J&l landscapes layed 100 meters of printed concrete in an herringbone slate design with a platinum and charcoal colour to give this driveway a unique look. First we excavated the ground layed 4 inches of hardcore and 4 inches of colour this was printed in two sections and a step put in.We sealed this […]

  • Printed concrete job Childwall

    Here we excavated the driveway which was on a slope we laid 4 inches of hardcore and 4 inches of concrete.We used a sandstone colour  with a dark brown release to give this driveway a two tone colour.And the design we used was ashlar slate this job was done in childwall Liverpool by J&l landscapers […]

  • Driveway project in Liverpool

    Here J&L landscapes installed a pattern imprinted driveway. We used a charcoal colour and a herringbone slate design to give this drive a unique look. This Liverpool driveway was another job completed by J&l landscapes.

  • Printed concrete Garston, Liverpool

    Here we have a Liverpool driveway done in pattern imprinted concrete in an ash grey with a charcoal release to give it a two tone colour . In a london cobble design we achieved this result in just 2 days. This product will out last paving and tarmac which is why it is such a […]

  • Pattern printed concrete path Liverpool

    This path was created by j&l landscapes in liverpool. We used a ashlar slate design and classic grey colour we also added blue slate to make this front garden maintenance free. We do a lot of Liverpool paving but concrete is a great alternative.

  • Printed concrete driveway Maghull

    We have completed numerous Liverpool driveways but on this project we started by excavating the driveway then laying a suitable sub base to hold numerous cars. We then used a classic grey colour with a charcoal release agent to achieve this two tone cobble look out of  imprinted concrete  this job was completed in just […]

  • Driveway project in Hale Village

    This job was done by using pattern imprinted concrete we left 2 diamond shaped flower beds out so the customer could plant some nice plants in the future. The design we used to create this Liverpool driveway was london cobble this job was  completed in just 3 days in hale village Liverpool

  • Pattern imprinted concrete driveway in Picton

    Here we have done a driveway in Picton out of printed concrete. We used a country cobble in a charcoal colour  we achieved this result in just 2 days which shows why concrete imprint is such a good product and will also out last any block paving or paved driveway it is  also maintenance free

  • Turfing and Concrete job, Bootle

    We excavated this job then laid hardcore for the sub base. Then boarded  it out to lay the concrete we used a cobble design in classic grey colour with key kerbs for the steps.Then sealed it afterwards to give it protection from wear and tear then laid a nice good quality lawn. Often j&l landscapes […]

  • Imprinted concrete path and step in Walton

    Here we have a nice example of a printed concrete path using a London cobble design in a buff  colour with a dark brown release. This sort of path will out last block paving and flagging  this is the best maintenance free product around. We seal this job afterwards to give it a nice shine […]

  • Pattern printed concrete country cobble driveway & wall

    This was a imprinted concrete job which J&l landscapes did in Garston Liverpool. We excavated the ground and laid the standard 4 inch thick base that is suitable for a concrete driveway. Then we built this lovely wall as the customer wanted something nicer than an average wall. We then laid this country cobble design driveway […]

  • Pattern printed concrete patio

    This was a printed concrete job j&l landscapes did in Bootle Liverpool.We had to remove clay and concrete to lay a patio. we put in a hardcore base 4 inches thick then 4 inches of concrete to produce this lovely ashlar slate design which looks like real slate. We also turfed the raised garden.