Full Landscaping makeover in Fazakley

On this project we had to level the side of the garden as you can see by the pictures it went from 3ft all the way to 7ft where we had to build up the garden. To achieve this we had to put in concrete posts and panels, we reinforced these by putting in extra support posts at the back of the concrete panels to give more support.

After this part of the job was done we then had to put in 40 ton of hardcore and the compact it to level up the garden.

We then put up a fence all around the garden using a sussex weave panel which is a really nice panel also we erected a decking with hand rails we also laid  a nice lawn for the customer. The customer was really pleased with the results and was shocked how quick we achieved the finish.

The customer also had other quotes but choose to go with us because we knew exactly how to do the job and we explained how we were going to start and go through the job stage by stage which put the customer at ease knowing that they had picked the right landscaping company for this project.