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  • Why is my Patio Turning Green? The Best Tips to Get it Clean in a Flash 

     Through winter and after rain you may notice your patio starting to turn an unsightly green colour, these are algae and lichens that grow in humid and dark conditions. Thankfully, it’s easily removed and can be prevented with a little care.  Whilst it tends to be more noticeable on your patio, this green algae does […]

  • How to Make Grass Greener & Healthier in Your Garden

    Are you tired of looking at your dull and patchy grass? Growing your garden is a labour of love, but maintaining it is much less effort than you might think. You can achieve the lush lawn of your dreams simply by watering, mowing and fertilising.  Today, Liverpool Landscaping turfing experts will take you through our […]

  • Top 23 Zen garden ideas for peace and quiet

    Date Published: March 14th, 2019 Zen gardens are deeply rooted in the history of Japanese and Asian culture[1], previously used as a space for quiet contemplation and meditation, they have now become a popular landscaping idea for gardens and parks across the world. If you’re struggling with zen garden ideas, you can read the top […]

  • The Benefits of Block Paving

    Block Paving is a popular and stylish way to finish a driveway or pavement, and one that we have a lot of experience installing for our customers – but what exactly are the benefits of block paving? Why should you get block paving for your driveway? Understandably, they can seem like a big investment, but […]

  • Things To Do In Winter: Fencing!

    Fencing is an important part of any garden – and winter is the perfect time to pay it some attention!

  • 5 Tips To Protect Your Driveway From Ice And Snow This Winter

    Snow and ice can do quite a lot of damage to your property – particularly, your driveway. You can avoid this occurring by following some simple tips.

  • Gardening Tips To Improve An Outdoor Space For Autumn

    Whether your outdoor space is big or small, a balcony or a full size garden, there’s lots of things that you can do with it to improve it. Follow these simple landscaping tips to make the most out of your garden. Use different heights to make a small garden seem larger To make a shallow […]

  • 6 Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For BBQ Season

    The people of Britain love a good BBQ. And when the temperature rises and the sun comes out, we don’t half make the most of it, because let’s face it – who knows how long it will last? However, we are guessing it’s been a long time since your garden was graced with visitors, and […]

  • Top Tips For Keeping A Healthy Garden

    Building a great garden is one thing. Maintaining it is another. Keeping a garden that looks fresh is something that requires a small amount of irregular work, ensuring that the grass remains healthy and green. Here are a few helpful tips that gardeners may not have considered that will help to maintain a beautiful lawn. […]

  • 3 Summer Landscaping Hacks We Love

    We’ve been seeing a glut of summer landscaping hack articles and ideas and floating around the internet in the last month. Considering how time crunched and cash poor we all are, we thought we would re-share with you the hacks we’ve come across and adore. So without further ado, here’s the tips we’ve fallen in […]

  • Top 7 Winter Landscaping Maintenance Tips

    Nobody wants to think of gardening at this time year, we get that as neither do we! But it can in fact be the best time to get those odd jobs done we keep putting off in the busy summer, while at the same time lay the groundwork for next year’s projects when Spring finally rolls around.